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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need when I rent skis? 2017-04-18T05:36:52+00:00

You need to know your weigh and height. Sounds simple, but if you are a growing person, like an eight year old, it changes year to year or even within the same year. If when you arrive, you don’t know this information, we do have a scale and tape measure. Easy to determine.

What should I bring with me when I am making a reservation for ski/snowboard equipment? 2017-04-18T05:30:08+00:00

Please bring a pair of socks. You will be asked to try both boots. We have a sock box – but truly it is best if you bring the type and thickness of sox you will use when you are actually skiing or snowboarding. It makes for a better fitting experience and for you, hopefully, a better experience when you are on the Mountain.

What do you do in the summer? 2017-04-18T05:29:16+00:00

We pay rent even though we are closed. We replace heels and toes. We edge, wax and repair, as needed, the skis and snowboards. We test all the ski bindings. We incorporate new equipment and remove older equipment.